Binwin's Minions Volume 1

Created by Toonhound Studios

Binwin’s Minions is an online comic by Tavis Maiden and Cory Casoni based on the famed Dungeons and Dragons character, Binwin Bronzebottom, created by Eisner and Harvey award winning cartoonist Scott Kurtz. The comic follows Binwin as he attempts to teach four level-none Minions what it means to be adventurers. In return, they'll teach Binwin what it means to be a family... or something.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

over 1 year ago – Fri, Sep 08, 2017 at 11:38:01 AM

This is it, gang, the final day of the Binwin’s Minions V1 Kickstarter campaign and because of all your help we’re ALREADY FUNDED WITH 30 HOURS TO GO!

Your hard work on those Milestone Challenges has already paid off and we’ve unlocked our First Stretch Goal, so all Backers will be receiving a digital copy of the Binwin Bronzebottom D&D Adventure Module written by Scott Kurtz

To keep the momentum going for the last day of the campaign we’re revealing our next two Stretch Goals.


We’ll be including bookplates with all physical books featuring exclusive art and signed by the creators. Digital Backers will get a high-res version of the bookplate to enjoy on their monitor or pad of choice!


Some of you may already be aware that we’ve been working on an RPG-light, tabletop version of Binwin’s Minions. You may have even heard some of the alpha tests we played live at PAX East or PAX South (if not you can listen to them here).

Well, we’re about to go into Beta on the Binwin’s Minions Game and we need testers. Who better to help play the game and give us feedback than you loverly Binwin’s Minions Kickstarter Backers!?

When we hit this Stretch Goal you’ll all be included in our Beta Test. You’ll receive digital print-&-play copies of the game as we work on it and we’ll want your feedback on how it plays. New versions of the game will be delivered directly to your inbox as we update it, so you can play with friends and let us know how it goes.

Finally, when we finish the game you’ll be the first to get a digital print-&-play copy of Binwin’s Minions the game!

Thank you all so much for your support and thank you for continually spreading the word and keeping it positive through what has been a difficult few weeks for lots of people. Because of your help, we’re going to get Binwin’s Minions V1 to a world much in need of some light-hearted silliness.

Thank you Backers, now let’s hit those Stretch Goals!

over 1 year ago – Thu, Sep 07, 2017 at 11:40:56 AM

It took a couple extra days to get there but we got over 1000 shares of your poor little Minions meeting their inevitable demise. And those shares spurred not 500 but 600 total Backers to the Campaign!

Congratulations everyone! We’ll be sending out high-res versions of the Binwin’s Minions On the Road Print to all Reward Tiers and adding a Printed version to all Reward Tiers that include the Print Sets & Sticker Sheets.

Thank you so much for all the support. We’ve got one more Update incoming about the last day of the Campaign and the NEW STRETCH GOALS!

over 1 year ago – Sun, Sep 03, 2017 at 09:37:16 AM

We’ve got a new Reward Tier!

Carry your D&D dice in style with the all-new Hex Chests Remastered: Artisan Dice Box from our good friends at Elderwood Academy. Featuring six different woods to choose from and inlayed with EXCLUSIVE designs by Binwin creator Scott Kurtz!

These Hex Chests are available in a new $225 Reward Tier with a special $200 Early Bird Reward Tier limited to the first 10 Backers. We’ll also be including them in all Reward Tiers above this level.

Or get Binwin's Hex Chest Remastered as an add-on for $125!

The best part is with either option YOU get to choose your wood and design. Using the wizardry of BackerKit we’ll survey you after the Kickstarter ends to find out which wood type and inlay you’d like on your custom Hex Chest Remastered!


NOTE: these hex chests are mock-ups NOT final pieces
NOTE: these hex chests are mock-ups NOT final pieces

Now, let’s talk about Garfield… yes, that Garfield.

As many of you know Binwin’s creator, Scott Kurtz, as well as the Binwin comic’s creators, Cory & Tavis, are massive Garfield fans. We’ve been working with PAWS for about a year on this official Pinny Arcade Pin which debuts at PAX West this weekend. Of course, not everyone can attend PAX West so we decided to offer the pin here for folks who can’t make the show!

We’re entering the last week of the campaign and we’ll have one more Milestone Challenge we’ll announce later this week. Hopefully, these new rewards and add-ons will help us keep the momentum going. You’ve all been doing such a great job helping us spread the word, thank you so much and let’s keep it up!

over 1 year ago – Sat, Sep 02, 2017 at 04:56:07 AM

You're serving Binwin well but, being a Minion sent on ridiculous missions, you'll ultimately meet an untimely demise.


  • Challenge: Let's get 1000 shares and 500 total Backers by the end of the campaign! Tell us in on sentence how your minions met their end on Facebook or Twitter using the #BinwinComic hashtag and link!
  • Reward: All Backers get a high-res digital version of the Binwin's Minions On the Road print, AND we'll add it as an extra print to all Reward Tiers receiving the art prints.

We're in the last week of the campaign and only 25% away from funding. Let's get the word out and let everyone know about this great comic and how they can support it. You're all super-fantastic and we know that together we can reach out goal!

over 1 year ago – Tue, Aug 29, 2017 at 07:00:57 PM

We successfully hit 400 Backers this weekend and we’re WAY over the social media shares we needed to complete Milestone #2, so let us present to you the totally not-final, mockuk-up, gif version of our fancy new books with Foil Stamps & Book Ribbons!


Milestone #3 will be announced a little later this week, as we roll into the last days of the campaign but first we’ve got a special BONUS for you all.

To keep the momentum we’ve built going and encourage everyone to put the word out about the Binwin’s Minions V1 Kickstarter, we’ve decided to reveal the first Stretch Goal that will be added to ALL the rewards tiers upon this Kickstarter Funding .


That’s right, friends, an all-new D&D Adventure Module written and illustrated by Scott Kurtz. Can your party survive a trip through the dreaded Bronzebottom Brewery?! Only one way to find out, by getting the word out and helping us funds this Kickstarter!